Tuesday, August 17, 2010

MatriStem MicroMatrix ; Regenerative Medicine and Hair Cloning

Since that date there has been a lot of online (and offline) discussion about how accurate the press release really was.

For years, hair cloning has been looked at as the holy grail for hair loss sufferers. It is an innovation that brings promise and hope to millions of people dealing with hair loss, the promise that they can restore the hair that has been lost.

Enter ACell’s MatriStem MicroMatrix.

Spencer Kobren conducted an interview with one of the MicroMatrix researchers, Dr. Jerry Cooley the same day the press release was issued. The interview helped to clear up a lot of questions that had been looming in the minds of readers as they drank their morning cup of coffee. Namely, was hair actually cloned? The answer is, yes. In the interview Dr. Cooley stated

“By using plucked hair in a very specific manner, we have been able to get a new follicle to regenerate using the ACell, as well as you are not depleting it from the original site”

It is important for readers to know, this research is still in the very early stages. The MatriStem wound healing powder has really primarily been used for the facilitation of the healing process. When MatriStem is placed onto a wound, it is resorbed and  replaced with new native tissue where scar tissue would normally be expected.  The range of care that the MatriStem devices can be used for is quite vast, including medical applications for wound care, general surgery, gastrointestinal  surgery, urology and plastic and reconstructive surgery.

This type of medical technology brings with it hope for all types of medical ailments, and yes, it rekindles that light that hair cloning may one day be a very viable solution for men, women and children afflicted with hair loss.

For now, we just have to wait and see what comes next.

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